PFS certifies forestry carbon capture and storage to 2100.

We must all be involved

The threat of climate change to our planet, humanity and species requires real and urgent climate action. We must all do things simultaneously. First we must drastically reduce GHG emissions, and second, we must capture GHGs and ensure they will remain captured. We need to do both to ensure that by 2050 our emissions do not exceed our removals. If we cannot achieve that we will not meet IPCC goals, nor the New Zealand Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) Amendment Act 2019.

For forest sequestration to provably help mitigate climate change it needs to be proven that sequestration is permanently captured until at least the year 2100 – the date both the Paris Agreement and the IPCC have identified as when aggregate global temperature increases should not exceed 1.5° C above pre-industrial levels.

Recognising forest CO2 removals that can be reversed before 2100 is in many cases simply granting funding to foresters without necessarily helping the planet as proven permanence can do. Almost all carbon removal credits being claimed today lack proven permanence. Allowing them on a conditional basis and then “reversing” them when forests are cut down is simply shutting the door after the horse has bolted.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to provenly help the planet by providing the means to ensure GHGs captured by photosynthesis remain captured. We call it carbon capture and storage.

Doing this helps emitters as well as the planet as it ensures emitters will not transgress consumer and market participation laws, such as misleading or deceptive conduct or representations.

Implying that buying forest related carbon credits will help the planet when this cannot be proved, because longevity cannot be proved, will likely expose companies and their directors to action by regulatory authorities and consumers.

Our Standard

The PFS Platinum Standard for forestry sequestration helps facilitate and encourage forestry practices, such as covenants against felling before 2100, that make a genuine contribution to climate action for foresters, emitters, investors, the public and the planet.

The PFS Platinum Standard has a registered (USA) copyright (1-12421386191). The methodology supporting it is subject to a range of rules, trademarks and patents pending.


PFS ensures tangible climate action by securing permanent and provable carbon sequestration until at least 2100.